New Social Initiative Bringing Together London’s Paraclimbing Community

With the 2020 Olympics putting climbing firmly on the radar of mainstream consciousness it’s no longer surprising to see climbing shoes attached to bags in the city. But until now there has been little opportunity for differently-abled individuals to come together through the sport.  

Founded by Anoushé Husain, paraclimber and social activist, Paraclimbing London is a social group that aims to create a safe space and help remove barriers differently-abled people might have in accessing climbing in London.

The group is open to anyone with any disability or long term health condition, no matter how visible or invisible their condition may be, and regardless of any previous climbing experience. Individuals who are new to the sport are particularly welcome.

With the support of The Castle Climbing Centre, HarroWall, Westway Sports and Fitness and VauxWall, Paraclimbing London will meet several times a month across the four London climbing venues, starting on 29 May at VauxWall East. 

Paraclimbing London is also on the lookout for established climbers and volunteers to help facilitate sessions.

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