Paraclimbing London co-founders Anoushe and Anna stand together on the podium of Para Blockfest. They are smiling and Anna has her arm around Anoushe's shoulders

Paraclimbing London was founded by Anoushé Husain and Anna Knight in 2018, after they realised a lot of paraclimbers were climbing in London and around the UK but didn’t have a dedicated social space to climb. Since then we have grown to over 200 members since.

There are so many barriers for people with disabilities and/or long term health conditions to access sport from financial and social to accessibility and empathy. In light of this our mission is to create fun and safe climbing sessions for all levels and all abilities climbers, whatever your disability or health condition, be it visible like a missing limb or not as visible such as a sensory condition, fibromyalgia or mental health issues (this list is definitely not exhaustive).

We cater for all levels, whether you’re an aspiring athlete wanting to join Team GB or have never tried climbing before, you’re welcome. Membership and our sessions are free. All you need to do is pay your entrance fee at the wall on the session day. We try and run a few sessions a month in different centres and the majority of sessions are for our members only.

Meet the team

This picture shows Anoushe from the waist up. She is wearing a bright blue top and black hijab and is smiling at the camera. She is stood in front of an indoor climbing wall.

Anoushé Husain, Co-Founder

My favourite climbing is any climbing route that will make me think outside of the box. Climbing like this reminds me to keep believing in myself and teaches me to reach my potential.

This picture shows Anna from the shoulders up. She is stood in front of a large rock face. She is smiling at the camera and is wearing a black puffy coat.

Anna Knight, Co-Founder

My favourite climbing is indoor leading or sport climbing outdoors. But if there’s a an option of multi-pitch my harness and shoes will be on as fast a possible! Multi-pitch often gives that exposed feel and I love that it doesn’t need to be hard to be fun.

This picture shows Ken from the waist up. He is mid-climb on top rope at an indoor climbing wall. He is looking up at the route and is reaching up with his right hand for the next hold.

Kenneth Ellacott, Session Facilitation

My favourite climbing is outdoor climbing. It makes me feel free and alive, and I like that the routes are harder to see.

This picture is a close up of Anouska as she reaches the top of a indoor climbing wall. She is smiling at the camera as she holds onto a purple hold. She is wearing a grey top with the Paraclimbing London logo on it.

Anouska Anderson, Sessions and Logistics

My favourite climbing is sport climbing on slate. I love the small ledges and the feeling I’m actually in Mordor.

This picture shows Poppy climbing on an outdoor rock face on top rope. She is show from the hips up and is looking up towards the top of the route. she is wearing a navy blue top and yellow trousers.

Poppy Walters, Social Media

My favourite climbing is multi-pitch trad. It feels much less about grades and much more about the adventure, the problem solving, the day spent with friends and the beautiful places.

Gemma Smith, Marketing

My favourite climbing is ice climbing. It’s a multi-sensory experience and nothing beats the sound of an ice axe striking a frozen waterfall.


The work we do wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of our partner climbing walls and a number of outdoor associations. Our thanks go to them for all that they do to support us. If you work with a brand that would like to support Paraclimbing London please email us at hello@paraclimbinglondon.co.uk

This image is a collection of logo's for sponsors and partners of Paraclimbing London. The logo's are for: Arcteryx Piccadilly, The North Face, The Castle Climbing Centre, Westway Sports & Fitness, Vaux Wall,  Harro Wall, Canary Wall, Beth Wall Green, Ravens Wall and Croy Wall
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