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Over the course of the last year, Paraclimbing London has successfully applied for and received grants so that we can support more of our members to climb. Climbing is a sport that has barriers and we recognise that it can be difficult or even impossible for some of our members to attend sessions or go climbing at all. We want to change this barrier and get more of our members climbing.

More details about the fund are listed below. While we have tried to take a variety of circumstances into account, if you think you are eligible, or do need support and aren’t sure, please do contact us on

A male climber is in the centre of the image. He is dressed in all black and is climbing up a green route on top rope. He is stepping left to move around a volume on the wall.

How it works

The camera is looking down at three female members of Paraclimbing London. One is tying into the rope while another sets up her belay device. There is a wheelchair in the bottom right corner of the image.

Successful applicants will be able to climb once a month for half price at any of our partner walls – Westway, Castle Climbing Centre and all LCC London bouldering walls. This climbing session does not need to be an official Paraclimbing London session. The applicant can go climbing on their own or with friends, however they choose.

In addition, applicants will also receive a discount when attending up to two official Paraclimbing London sessions per month. This will be proportionate to the cost of entry.

This is a new scheme that we are trialling. Initial applications will allow for three months of funding at a time. We will review the scheme every quarter and update fund recipients updated on it’s continuation as we progress through the year.

Who is eligible?

You must have attended a Paraclimbing London session in person (this does not include Para Blockfest) previously and meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are on a means-tested benefit such as universal credit or job seekers allowance (income-based)
  • You are on furlough and/or on other benefits such as carer’s allowance, job seekers allowance (contribution based)

Please note if you are a Team GB or Para GB climber you will not be eligible as you already receive free of discounted entry

A member of Paraclimbing London sits on a yellow floor facing away from the camera. They are wearing black and grey floral leggings and a black t-shirt with the Paraclimbing London logo on it. The camera only shows the person from the shoulders down.

How to apply


Who in Paraclimbing London will know I’ve applied?

  • There are two people from the Paraclimbing Leadership Team who will know you have applied and whether you are on the scheme. The rest of the team is not involved in the scheme so that we can keep things anonymous.

What if I want more funding in the future?

  • As this is a new scheme, we are going to open it for a trial period and assess how many people apply. We will update our guidance on repeat applications after the trial period. 

If I would like to support the scheme by contributing on a pay it forward basis, how do I do this?

What if I want to leave the scheme early and not use all the three months?

  • If you wish to leave the scheme early and this is not due to medical reasons or a change in your finances, this is perfectly fine. Please contact us to discuss further. Subject to your circumstances, we reserve the right to not allow you back onto the scheme. 

What if my financial circumstances have changed?

  • Please let us know as soon as possible as this could affect your eligibility on the scheme. We will look at each case carefully and make a decision based on your circumstances.

What if I get injured or too ill to climb? 

  • If there is a change of health or injury circumstances where you are no longer able to climb, please let us know. We will look to pause your funding for a maximum of six months so that if/when you return to climbing and your financial situation still means you’re eligible, you can access your remaining sessions from us.
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