Social Rules

As Paraclimbing London continues to grow we want to make sure both new and old members who are part of our social groups and pages all continue to benefit from the supportive and safe environment we look to provide to discuss all things Paraclimbing. In line with this the following rules apply across our social media channels and groups:

  1. All posts should be related to paraclimbing. This is a supportive, positive place, centred on encouraging others – whilst we appreciate there can be a lot of frustrations around accessibility, inequality etc. we want to focus on taking positive proactive steps to address these things, the group social pages are not a place to get on soapboxes or have a rant. We will allow some fleixblity around this on the WhatsApp group purely because we want this to be a sfae place for discussion but if the conversatoin starts to become unproductive or get out of hand we will direct individuals to have that conversation on other channels.
  2. All posts across all pages should be friendly and respectful of others. A little bit of light swearing is fine, we all get fu*ked off from time to time after all, but keep it in check.
  3. Unfortunately we can’t allow posting of links to charity or fundraising pages on any of our social pages or in our social groups (including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter, apart from in exceptional cases and with prior approval by emailing or you can promote yourself in our monthly promotional post (see below). We hope you understand that this is to keep the group content relevant for everyone. 
  4. Anyone posting links for personal, business or financial gain on our social pages/groups (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter) without prior approval will have their links removed. And if they do it a second time, they’ll be removed from the group. This isn’t a place to be selling your wares. If you run an event or have a product or service which you think could help the community members, we suggest you email explaining what you would like to promote OR wait until our monthly promotional post.
  5. Be kind to your fellow members. If you disagree with a point that’s being made, be tactful and respectful in your comments. And (like our mum always told us) if you haven’t got anything nice to say, best not say anything at all. We’re hot on this point and if it isn’t respected, we’ll need to remove you from the group. Please play nicely.
  6. Images from this group should stay within the group, unless you’ve got specific permission from the person that posted it to share it more widely. We’re a closed group to respect and protect everyone’s privacy.

More information on how we’ll handle promotional posts 

On the first Monday of every month we will put a post in our Facebook group and on our Facebook page where members can promote what they are doing. This can be linked to their blog, event, website, podcast, coaching, magazine, books, social media, fundraising, businesses, go fund me accounts, raffles etc. You can add more than one link – just keep it all on the one thread so that it is easy for other people to find. It does not need to be linked to the outdoors. Outside of this post, all promotional content in any Paraclimbing London social groups (Facebook, WhatsApp) will be removed. 

We have a lot of demand from third parties to promote their content so we will also be doing a special spotlight on our social account on the second Friday of every month when we highlight a project by one of our members or partners (for example personal blogs, professional activity, events, products, services) which are not Paraclimbing London activities but ones we want to support. These spotlights will also highlight other paraclimbing organisations in the UK and around the world and will be across all of our social channels. 

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